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Free Flight School
APVL Recognized
(APVL) = Peruvian Free Flight Association
USD 600.00 Per person, Special group rates available
How is a Paragliding Course?
The classes are normally held over a period of three or four weeks, flying only at the weekend. However for the benefit students that are staying in Lima for a short period of time the entire course can be conducted over 5 - 6 days. This is a general program, but in accordance with the school you can extend the program to 8 days, thus giving you 32 hrs of instruction. 
The minimum (or maximum) requirements are: that you are between 14 and 60 years of age (there are pilots of these ages in Lima), a pair of ankle height boots and plenty of will and determination to fly.
The first class is theoretical; at the flying site (situated 30Km south of Lima) with the equipment at hand, we go over the functions of the paraglider. After the briefing on the gliders operation we have our first runs over flat ground with the glider open and held overhead. This gives you the feeling of the wind in the glider and an idea of control and prepares you for the first flight. With a little wind and a bit of luck your first flight will be down a gently sloping sand dune, not far of the ground but far enough to let you experiment with the glider's manoeuvres and give you the feeling of free flight (while the instructor frantically runs after you down the hill giving you instructions). In this first day we learn how to take-off and land on sand and control the glider using its nylon cords on the ground and in the air.
The second day is a day of flying, depending on the progression of the student and how easily they have picked up controlling the glider, we continue practicing on the sand dunes, finishing with a longer free flight from the top of hill. During the the evening, 7pm on the same day or during the week, we take our first real theory class at the training school in Miraflores. 
The third and forth days we practice straight flight, turning and ground control (techniques necessary for controlling the glider prior to take off and on landing). During the evenings we again take more theory classes, covering more detailed flying aspects including, thermals and flying at altitude. 
The fifth day is the first big air day, moving away from the school and taking your first altitude flight at one of the local flying sites like Pachacamac and Pasamayo or Chincha (not local) depending on the season. Here, under supervision by the instructor on the ground and in the air (by radio) you will be taking off from an altitude of between 250 to 450m and flying for between 10 an 15 minutes (depending on the weather conditions).
The sixth and final day of the course we will be flying at more appreciable altitudes and practicing various manoeuvres. We will also go through the final theory classes covering aspects of air traffic and wind turbulence. At the end of the course you will graduate (if completed successfully) and obtain a student pilot diploma with which gives you the right to apply for the APVL pilot's license. 
The course is short, but however you are able to learn and progress quickly in this time frame. Once you have graduated you are then able to increase you flying hours as and when you like, but it is strongly recommended that you fly for your first 50 hours under the supervision of other affiliated pilots or your instructors. 
The cost of the course is US$ 600.00 (may be changed) and includes taxes (I.G.V.), 6-8 practical classes, 3 theoric classes, guide, use of equipment (radio, glider, harness and helmet) 
The program costs $600.00 and includes:
  • 6 practical classes, 
  • 3 theory classes,
  • Flight manual,
  • Use of equipment - paraglider, harness, helmet & radio during the course
  • Transport to flying sites
  • Perufly's Achieved Experience Certificate
Note: The course is only intended to teach the basic principals of the sport, as to become a paragliding pilot takes time and dedication and should be applied under the guidance of the APVL or other FAI (International Aeronautical Federation) associated organization instructors or pilots.
The sport of Paragliding should never be practised without proper instruction from a qualified instructor. Paragliders aren't "Parachutes" they are real gliders that require the proper theoretical and practical knowledge.
Opening Paracas as a Tandem flights destination

Perufly was founded in 1996 and it was a dream to open a serious Tandem operation in Paracas, now, almost 20 years we achieve this goal and we are already flying since April 2014 and now starting April 2015 our dayly operations in this wonderful destination.

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