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The company is directed by Mike Haley who has been in the Free Flight world since the beginning. Mike has worked from the trenches teaching (HG & PG) to become the UP President in America.

Mike met Jose in Peru and tested the Perufly flight suits and decide to give Jose a hand in distribution and sales worldwide.

The team was completed in 2001 when Mike met and married Gail then in 2002 Jose met and married Katia.

The company continues to distribute Perufly Flight Suits and paragliding gear along with organizing world class paragliding competitions (the Rat race has gained recognition as one of the greatest comps held in the US.).

In 2005 MPH Sports proudly released, providing pilots with tools to create a safe and enjoyable way to sell and buy worldwide, everything from kites to airliners. AeroDealer is a unique e-commerce site (we call it air-commerce) while maintaining every different specialty completely independent and personalized.

President & Director
After 30 years in the Free Flight world when he started flying his own hand made Hangglider and instructing Hang & Paragliding, he certanly still has much to teach and share, he is definitly the leader of the company. Mike has dedicated these last years to a sales business not related to the sport, but his heart will still be in the air, he spends his free time guiding the company and using his vacations to direct the Rat Race (one of the most successful Paragliding event in the continent). Mike works hard so he can play hard.

General Manager
Gail has been in the Free flight world since the year 2000. Since then she met and married Mike. Gail is the engine of our company, making everything happen, and happen right!, she has gained the recognition from our customers to provide one of the best customer services ever seen in the media, she has built very strong relationships with our distributors by creating a totally healthy business environment. She is also dedicated to maintaining the best quality control and improvements to our products.

R&D and Technical Manager
Jose started flying in 1994, he decided to leave the normal world to dedicate his time and efforts to action & adventure sports. His best area will probably be the creative department, Jose has developed our first superb flight suit to the construction of a world class record holding Bungee Jump site. Another of Jose's passions, while he is not flying or kiteboarding, is spending a great deal of time with his computer working his new ideas. Jose also leads our Web Design team in Peru, he calls himself the Action Nerd or the Parageek.

Marketing & Sales Manager
Before she finished her MBA in Marketing and Advertising she was already the marketing manager for an american corporation in Peru. Her adventurous spirit made her resign and look for her own challenges. She started flying in 2002 and since then she has been involved in the industry with Jose, and later with Mike and Gail. She found a new passion in Kiteboarding and she leads in this area. Katia is also providing personalized customer support, while committed to the production of our products in our facilities in Lima - Peru.

Opening Paracas as a Tandem flights destination

Perufly was founded in 1996 and it was a dream to open a serious Tandem operation in Paracas, now, almost 20 years we achieve this goal and we are already flying since April 2014 and now starting April 2015 our dayly operations in this wonderful destination.

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